A new way towards

decision support

Professor Caspar Chorus from the TU Delft has developed Behavioral Artificial Intelligence Technology (BAIT).

Expert decisions can be supported on a large scale with the development of AI. 


It is our mission to show the world that our approach is a valuable alternative to rule-based or machine learning decision support systems.


We are a young and ambitious company driven to provide a very unique decision support solution. It is a huge opportunity to have an AI approach that is easy to setup, accurate and understandable. With a mix of focus and experience we aim build a new standard in choice support.

Meet The Founding Team


Nicolaas Heyning


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I have a life long fascination for AI and building companies. After sailing around the world with my family, I am now proud to embark on the journey to define, create and market the Councyl solution.


Caspar Chorus

Scientific advisor

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"Life is a series of choices, great and small"

In my academic career, I have devoted myself to understanding, modeling and improving decision making. Aided by a disrespect for disciplinary boundaries, I am ready to unlock a trove of scholarly knowledge and help Councyl develop and apply behavioral AI technology.


Hubert Linssen

Valorization Advisor

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I am an optimist. Realizing fieldlab The Green Village confirmed my belief that synergy is created when innovation is accomplished in a multidisciplinairy and open environment. Pushing boundaries together and create new possibilities. It makes life beautiful and yes! I’m eager to empower the Councyl team and unlock the potential of AI based decision support.

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