Repetitive Decisions
Made Faster and Fairer

We support decision processes that rely on in-house expert judgement
High-Stakes, High-Workload environments.

What We Offer

3 ways Councyl decision management increases the efficiency and quality of your decision processes


Capture latent in-house expertise in transparent decision models


Predict decision behavior to optimise work division and support ongoing processes


Track key decision metrics to identify & correct quality and efficiency issues

Why Choose Us?

Only Councyl can accurately capture your decision expertise
in a fully transparent decision model, without historical data.

Easy to Implement

No Big Data needed

FULLY transparent  ai

No Technical Expertise Required

How it works

Use Cases

Explore Use Cases

application triage

Identify complex & high priority cases to distribute work and focus attention where it's needed most

quality control

Make the content of decision processes measurable to create room for professional judgment without risking arbitrariness

risk assesment

Support business lines with the digitised judgement of risk experts and escalate encountered risks with automatic reporting

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