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We believe AI should be transparent, easy to use and controllable.

That’s why we developed a unique way to harness human expertise in an easy-to-understand, flexible system that provides insight and control over your most important decisions.

How Councyl began

Councyl was founded in 2020 as a spin-out from TU Delft, where co-founder Professor Caspar Chorus developed Behavioral AI Technology (BAIT) - the core technology powering our solution.  

Since then, we have validated the accuracy and value of BAIT in practice in the public, private and semi-public sectors. To enable our customers to create, use and maintain decision models independently we have developed our method into a user-friendly software platform.

Who we are at Councyl

We are a company of developers,  entrepreneurs and scientist - it’s in our DNA to imagine, build, and iterate. We were founded with a vision of a smart, equitable digital age - and we have built a company of energetic and hardworking individuals who believe there is always a better way of doing things.

Our international team is joined in a mission to utilize AI to support and  amplify the human touch in decision processes.

The Councyl Team

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Decision-support for IC-hospitalization of COVID-19 patients

A proof of principle of the use of Behavioral Artificial Intelligence Technology in a clinical practice

BAIT: A New Medical Decision Support Technology Based on Discrete Choice Theory

The first scientific publication of our technology in collaboration with the UMCG.

Home of Innovation -
AI Special 2021

Councyl's co-founder, Casper Chorus, uses this twenty-plus years of experience in research on choice modelling to support organizations with their decision making.

The Top 20 Newly Founded University Spin-Offs You Should Know

Councyl was selected as one of Venture Radar's top 20 university spin-offs in 2020.

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