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Councyl is supporting organisations in government, business, and health with a wide range of decision management applications. The common denominator is that decisions couldn't be automated, either due to their highly sensitive nature or lack of data availability.

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RPAs -- robot process automation tools -- have helped thousands of organisations to automate processes & cut down on time spent on repetitive, low-value add tasks like prioritising and forwarding incoming work to the correct department. But in certain environments -- like processing benefits applications -- determining how and by whom an application needs to be handled is not always straightforward.

Without the ability to distinguish a few complex cases from the rest, incoming requests must be manually skimmed and forwarded before they reach the right place. Meanwhile, wait lists grow out of control, and application processors face mounting pressure.

With Councyl, our customers are applying their own internal expertise to digitally select cases that require extra human attention, distinguishing these from the bulk of straightforward applications, and unlocking the ability to automate the entire volume of work distribution. With integration available via our API, we're able to save thousands of hours annually.

Key Impact

  • Forward applications to the right department
  • Select applications that require extra attention
  • Increase throughput time of straightforward applications
  • Automate work division

Who Is Using Councyl?

  • National executive organisations
  • G40 municipalities
  • Privatized service providers
  • HR

User Benefits

  • Managers can steer workload to available capacity based on decision content
  • Application processors can focus their attention where it's needed most
  • Applicants get the help they need faster
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Quality control

A drive to provide more customised service means case handlers can take more space within policy to arrive at the best client outcome. But customisation affects the efficiency of the decision process, and it is difficult to ensure justice and fairness to all.

With our highly customisable decision models, local interpretation of policy is guaranteed. Councyl's flexible controls flag unexpected variances to forward to quality assurance teams, and structured case reports create a common ground for internal and external communication, creating room for professional judgement without risking arbitrariness.

Identifying which decision criteria impact daily decisions helps define the new information landscape in the digital transformation.

Measuring the decision process based on content instead of output enhances the conversation between management and decision handlers.

Key Impact

  • Capture key expertise in house transparently
  • Make customised decisions without risking arbitrariness
  • Expose hidden bias
  • Automatically generate reports on decision logic for every case

Who Is Using Councyl?

  • National executive organisations
  • G40 municipalities
  • Medical research
  • Public consultancy firms

User Benefits

  • Managers transform opaque decisions into transparant, measurable processes
  • Case handlers get to introspect their teams' decision behave
  • Downstream teams - like senior or QA teams can direct their attention to the most relevant cases
  • Clients are treated fairer
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Risk Qualification

Process mapping and workflow automation can unlock major efficiency gains and reduce the likelihood of introducing risk, with added benefits of automated flagging and risk reporting. But many processes still rely on specialised expertise -- often centralized in specific teams -- creating bottlenecks in daily operations and risk reporting & management.

With Councyl, business lines gain a risk qualification solution based on the digitised judgment of in-house experts. Our clients are providing this expertise to upstream business lines working on the same process -- read about how Antea Group's legal team is advising business developers on project risk, or how Vereende's fraud experts are lending their knowledge to claims processors. Business lines gain an elevated level of expertise in their work, while subject matter experts can focus their attention on the most critical risks.

Key Impact

  • Embed the expertise of risk experts in operational processes
  • Start immediately without historical data
  • Identify & correct unacceptable variances that introduce risk
  • Manage seasonal workload by adjusting risk threshold

Who Is Using Councyl?

  • Insurance Providers
  • Consultancies (project & legal risk qualification)
  • Privatized service providers

User Benefits

  • Managers gain transparency & control over mission critical decision processes
  • Business lines gain on-demand expertise & confidence in their decision making
  • Risk experts save time with automated reporting & workflow automation
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