Building the Future of
Decision Management

Making in-house expertise digitally available in a straightforward and auditable way provides control & accountability to your most sensitive decision processes.

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How Councyl Works

We manage repetitive decisions that depend on human judgement.
By letting your experts judge a small set of fictional choice scenarios we capture their implicit knowledge, no historical data needed. This generates a fully transparent decision model while preserving the nuance of human decision making.

How Councyl Differs From
Other Companies

We harness the power of AI to enhance - not replace - the human element of decision making. At Councyl, we believe consistency and customisation can go hand in hand, and that quality improvement doesn't mean efficiency compromise.

Why Choose Us?

Only Councyl can accurately capture your decision expertise
in a fully transparent decision model, without historical data.

Make better, faster decisions

Digital Decision Support

Improve Quality Control

Gain Accountability

Get more insight from trade-offs

Make Implicit Knowledge Explicit

Monitor & React

Create an Ongoing Conversation

Easy to implement

No Big Data

No Technical Expertise Required

transparent AI

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